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    The LandSea Glossary serves as a tool to bridge any gap between technical or specialised language and the comprehension of those who may not be familiar with the terminology. Terms in the glossary are arranged in alphabetical order, making it easy for you to locate and find definitions quickly. Each term in the glossary is accompanied by a concise and clear definition that explains its meaning.

    Discovery Tours

    The Discovery tours are designed around land & sea productions and promoting land & sea products and know-how in France, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria (the partner countries). Through the Tours you will discover each region's local productions and all the cultural and natural heritage related to them.

    LandSea Guide

    This guide provides a methodological framework for the elaboration of new "Discovery itineraries” based on the conduct of a participatory method and co-creation. It aims to provide tools for the enhancement of heritage within this holistic perspective. For this reason, it must be considered as a support for decision-making. The Methodological Guide will provide step-by-step guidelines on: 

    1. Setting up a participatory workshop to design a Discovery tour around land & sea productions and promoting land & sea products and know-how;
    2. Identifying local land and sea products and know-how, as well as all the natural and cultural heritage, likely to be promoted; 
    3. Developing and implementing LandSea Discovery Tours

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